Our Projects.    Here we go...

With cooperation and encouragement from SEPTA, CTCDC and our Township, we have been given temporary possession of the Train Station, to raise enough money to do the necessary "simple" improvements to make the former waiting area usable again! The ultimate goal is to create a community gathering and event place, a place to meet, a venue for musical or literature events, a yoga class, a dinner party, and ......?  What does the community want?
Project 1.  Done!​​     We cleaned the place up!
Project 2. Now that it is cleaned.. We need to Fundraise!

     We have re-evaluated and divided the renovation into TWO projects.


Project A -will be focused on the main "grand waiting room", with its entrance on Spring Avenue.  As shown in the slide shows, we have already taken out the old room dividers and carpets, painted the floor, added new lights and made temporary curtains --ALL of that work was done through individual donations of materials, time and sweat!  We have held a number of events including art openings, concerts and even a rummage sale, and we will continue to do so (check our events page).  To complete the goal for this space we would like to repaint, clean up the dents and cracks, replace some cloudy plexiglass windows, buy some folding chairs, and put down a new floor.  For these new items, our budget is $18,000As of November 2014, we have close to $16,000 pledged.


Project B - will be focused on the basement and all of its issues: water, electrical work, HVAC updates, and a new frame-out of the entire space. That will take time, permissions, plans, architects and a great deal of funding.  We anticipate that budget to be over $150,000.  So we have put that on the back burner, until we are established upstairs.  None of the basement issues will effect the state or use of the first floor.


So if you have suggestions, comments or especially extra money ready to be donated, contact us at : elkinscentral@gmail.com